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    3.5L Hyper-energy Water Filter Pitcher

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    Drink tasty and purified water by eliminating heavy metals from your drinking water with this Hyper-Energy Water Filter Pitcher.



    Food-grade materials, BPA Free, odorless and eco-friendly.

    • Antibacterial: The filter medium and cover can prevent the growth of bacteria.
    • 7 Multipurpose Filters to reduce chlorine, limescale, impurities or heavy metals for a tasty and antibacterial drinking water
    • Global Selected High-quality Filtering Material with LK natural coconut shell active carbon and UK sodium-free ion-exchange resin, produces pores within each grain of carbon, creating tiny tunnels and spaces
    • Intelligent Filters Lifespan Display enables you easy to know when it is time to change the filter for better taste and quality of your water. The replacement cycle of the filter: 6 weeks
    • Water purifier: 1.5L.
    • Pouring Water in No Need of Opening Cover: it means that you can pour the water without opening the lid, very easy to use and convenient for pouring, and it prevents you from scalding in the meanwhile
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