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    Screaming Chicken Gag Toy

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    Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with the Viral Screaming Chicken Gag Toy!
    This version of a classic novelty toy shrieks when squeezed. The Squawkin’ Chicken is brightly colored and comes in three different sizes.
    Constructed of tough, flexible rubber, this toy is designed to take a beating and keep on shrieking. Ideal for budding comedians and fun-loving pranksters and the perfect toy for dogs!
    • Play pranks on friends with its funny yelling sounds
    • Make everyone laugh out loud
    • Play in the office to have a break with laughter
    • Easy to use, just clip it on and put a cup on
    • Suitable for different sizes of cups
    • Silicone inside for nonslip grip
    • Great for cups, travel mugs, glasses and generally most drinks
    • Keep your coffee in easy reach reduce the risk of knocking it over
    • Can be used to hold other things like small plants or even cell phones

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